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Namgrass Play Putt

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Namgrass ProPutt, is of a professional standard 100% nylon, with a stimping rating of 10, to create a surface that plays true and smooth all year round. Namgrass looked at the finest golf greens in the world, then worked hard to replicate them, But unlike a golf green, it’s designed to last without all that maintenance.

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Namgrass Play putt is the perfect surface for recreating the golf green at home, work or anywhere you like. With a short dense pile and large range of colours its suitable for all sports and play areas.  Available in: Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Burnt Orange.

  • 15mm Pile Height
  • Mixed Colours
  • Free Draining
  • Child Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Ideal For Golf
  • 10 Year UV Guarantee

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